Edison is run by life long friends Ryan and Chris. We originally met in primary school became best friends in high school and years later started this clothing company. Edison is our side project that we are passionate about. We devote everything we can to it in amongst having full time jobs, families and hangovers.


When you buy from Edison you are supporting an independent brand. We run it as a side project and every bit of profit goes straight back into the company. 

We’ve got things both right and wrong along the way, but the clothes have always been the best we can possibly create. Quality is always our main priority.


We spent a day trying to come up with a name. Scrap books and pieces of paper with scribbled names covered the kitchen table. One of us said something about needing a “lightbulb idea” and then suddenly one of us said “What about Edison?” We liked the simplicity and sound of the name, and It seemed to fit what we planned to do with the brand. To be bright and bold.

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The Edison tagline that was created to represent people who bought an Edison t-shirt, jumper, bag or keyring. We want people to feel part of something when they buy an Edison product. When creating a range of clothing we always think back to our ‘Part of The Fabric’ tagline and it reminds us of our founding goal. It’s also been the name for our clothing pop up events and we plan to expand this in 2018.

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We pay full price for every item of clothing we wear ourselves. Why? One - Because its worth every penny, and Two - we do small limited runs of each item and see it as investing in the next product.



Early on when no one had even heard of Edison it was our friends and family that bought from us and helped us stumble from one release to the next. They all deserve a thank you as three years later still hardly anyone knows us, but we feel we're getting there ;) x