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We love our podcasts here at Edison. It's probably the single best way to consume content in this day and age, 

whether you are driving to work or in the gym there is a host of free information and entertainment at your fingertips. 


The pair of us have learned from listening to the above on a daily basis, whether it's a about entrepreneurship, nutrition, politics, history or whatever.


Scroll through the carousel above and click on the images to listen to each podcast, if you are unfamiliar with these, we would recommend hitting YouTube up first to check their most popular shows and guests.

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Tim Fish Writes About Foreign Beggars - 'United Colours of Beggattron'

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For my first post for the Edison blog, I wanted to write about an album that was an important milestone in my history as a rap fan. Back in 2009, Foreign Beggars released their United Colours of Beggattron album, an album which - combined with the remix project that followed - ultimately pushed them fully into the crossover worlds of grime, dubstep, DnB and beyond. It also secured their place as one of my all time favourite groups.

Back then the UK scenes were pretty segregated and crossovers were quite rare, with a few exceptions. Foreign Beggars had always been known for breaching borders and had an obvious love for the electronic sounds, as much as keys and drum loops. Their earlier release in 2004, Bukkake Ski Trip, had yielded a dubstep behemoth by Vex'd and a year before the release of Beggattron, they had released the hyper-fun (and apparently controversial) Hit That Gash, which featured a whole slew of remixes, including a filthy dubstep one from Prime Cuts. So yeah, they had definitely been dabbling.

Beggattron always seemed to me to be the point where the balance tipped though, maybe because it was also their first collaboration with Noisia. The Dutch electronic troublemakers became regular sparring partners with the Beggars in the following years, spawning the fantastic I Am Legion supergroup side-project, but it was on Beggattron that they laid the foundation, most notably with the raging DnB-laced anthem, Contact. Not only was it one of the biggest singles to be released from the album, it was also accompanied by one of my favourite videos of all time (see below).

When I was researching this piece, I spoke to Orifice Vulgatron about a few things, including the link up with Noisia. He told me that they were originally going to feature on the title track from Noisia's Split the Atom album, but that didn't work out for various reasons and so they ended up recording a few tracks for a future collaboration - Contact, Shake It and No Holds Barred, which also featured Kanye's grime favourite, Devlin. Originally they were going to be the foundations for I Am Legion, but they ended up on Beggattron, which was a genius move.

On a personal note, as I said at the start, this album played an important part in my relationship with rap. Coming from Bristol I had always had a love for electronic music, especially DnB, but I was also a pretty rigid purist when it came to hip hop. Beggattron genuinely made me realise that crossovers and fusions between genres, weren't limited to Wu-Tang and Texas, and could embrace all the qualities of each style and sound.

Anyway so far I've only really focused on the crossover angle, but this is an ode to the album as a whole and adjacent to those more grimy, electronic numbers, were some stone cold classic hip hop cuts too. Higher, Keep it Coming, Big N'Black and Prove It, all hit the spot for me, especially as those last two featured two of Detroit's finest - Phat Kat and Guilty Simpson.

You can keep up with Tim via his FacebookInstagram and Twitter accounts.

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Interview with Partout Équipement

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Partout Equipement is a brand based in the North of England, with a strong penchant for vintage mountaineering and outdoors culture. Lee who runs the the label is also behind the hugely popular Instagram profile Gear There Everywhere

We caught up with him for a quick chat about whats up and coming with his various projects.

Hey hows things man?

Things are all good lads, thanks.


Can you tell us quickly a bit about Gear There Everywhere?

GTE just came from a passion of mine, I love jackets, trainers, t-shirts, anything that's a bit different and not high street. It started off as a random Instagram page, just posting jackets I like and it kind of carried on from there.


The concept behind Partout is very cool! love the consistent theme through it all, can you tell us quickly about the background to the brand?

I've always wanted to do something with the following GTE has. It started off just one tee to celebrate the third year anniversary, with a drawing by my good friend Josh Parkin (joshparkyart) of a vintage French mountaineering flask I bought and it kind of spiralled from there, the last few tees that we done have sold out before the week was over.


Whats in store for the future? is there any upcoming projects you would like to talk about?

To be honest, I'm not sure, that's not me being secretive or anything I just don't know. I didn't expect to have released this many tees, we have a few going out to Starcow in Paris which is cool, a bit mad as well to think something of mine is in a shop in Paris! Would love to do more actual climbing gear, shoes, bags and the like, but we will wait and see.


Is there any books, magazines, documentaries or blogs that you would like to share with us that fit in with that have influenced the brand?

A lot of it is based on vintage mountaineering and camping related products. Valley Uprising was hugely inspirational for Partout, I just love the freedom they had in the film! going away with your mates at the weekend, doing a hobby you love and getting pissed around a campfire!

Still from Valley Uprising (2014)

Still from Valley Uprising (2014)

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Sneaker Bargains

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One of my pet hates is seeing sneakers being sold by re-sellers for well over the retail price tag, I have not and never will a penny over the asking price of the stores, not matter how much of a 'grail' they are. Scoring something nice for a bargain price is a much more satisfying prospect.

So us fellas here at Edison have searched around and picked our favourite three trainers currently still available on sale, click on the pictures to be taken to the stores.

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Interview with Patrick Schmidt

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fruit pastels

We have been following this guys work for a while now and when we got the chance to work with him we jumped at it, the man responsible for the fruity critters involved in the Edison Fruit Pastels range, here he took the time out of his busy schedule to answer a couple of questions for this here blog.

How's things man? First up love the designs and over the moon to be working with you, Buzzing about this range!

Hi, I'm well thanks yeah It's been a really fun project to work on.


you have worked with a wide range of clients, Can you list some of the brands you have done work for?


Some brands I have worked with are Element Skateboards, TopmanLe Coq Sportif, Sugoi Books and French Connection amongst many others, check out my website for the full list.


The capsule you did with topman was one of the things which brought you to our ATTENTION, loved it! have Any more lined up with them? And what else are you working on?


Got a few thing's in the works, nothing with Topman, would love to always to do another one at some pint. I've got some of my own tee's coming out very soon, also doing a tee for DJ Riz La Teef and have an exciting project in the works working with Weirdo Clan.


What's on your playlist right now?


At the moment its mainly Garage, Grime and Dancehall mixes but every so often bit of Soul and Blues.

You can find out more about Patrick by heading over to his website by hitting the button below.

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Cross Colours x MeUndies

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Me undies .jpg

The comfiest boxers known to man team up the Colourful 1990's label. 

Cross Colours did some of the best adverts of the 90s, bold shoots featuring people as varied as Snoop and Dr. Dre to the legendary Nigo of A Bathing Ape/Billionaires Boys Club fame. Seeing this images to this day are a huge inspiration on ourselves, so we were buzzing when we found out they had teamed up with the overlords of briefs MeUndies.

Not normally one to get excited about such things as boxer's but these things are so damn comfy! Well worth grabbing some, although works out quite pricey shipping to the UK with the import tax added on top. Bloody nice skegs though! you can check their shop below.

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