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Taxis, if they could speak, I’m sure they’d be able to tell a story or two: secrets divulged, relationships ending (and beginning), all in the back of a black Hackney taxi. The black confession box on wheels is an iconic part of British society along with the red double decker bus. But what if this cultural canvas could speak and share its stories? Stories which completely capture the cities they inhabit? That's what's happening in Mumbai through a charity called Taxi Fabric. 

Like Britain, taxis in India, particularly in Mumbai, are an iconic piece of the city’s culture. Taxi Fabric wants to raise the profile of design as a subject worth studying by changing the perception of the impact design can have. Taxi Fabric started connecting designers with taxi drivers - turning seat covers into a canvas for young Indian designers to show off their design talent and storytelling skills. 

The Taxi fabric website exhibits all the designs and the stories behind them. The bright colours and compelling subject matter makes for some awe inspiring work. It's an amazing project that really caught and fired our imagination. What stories could be told in Glasgow? Then again, maybe some stories are better left in the back seat and allowed to drive off into the night. 

Go check out some of the amazing designs that have got us inspired here:

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