A million in one.


As you'll be well aware we love our colours here at Edison. So you can imagine how excited we got about Rehab Studios new sneaker concept called Shift. Shift is a concept that allows consumers to modify the colour of there sneakers. 

Even Marty Mcfly's trainers couldn't do that! 

The Trainers would feature technology with integral electronics which would allow tiny LED screens to display the ‘Shift’ designs.


Paired with a Shift smartphone app users would have the ability to download and design layouts as well as allow users to add their own designs, building up a library meaning you could match your sneakers To any outfit! 

Rehabstudio believes that in the future, when consumers buy a single pair of sneakers, they will actually be buying one million pairs. 

Which sounds amazing, but something tells me that although the sneaker heads out there will undoubtedly want to own something as cutting edge as this they'll also never turn their back on an old classic pair of Jordan's.

Posted by Edison Clothing.