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We love to see others working hard following their passions, we can relate to and appreciate the constant work and motivation required, so was really great to have a chat with Ryan Hamblett who runs the night 'Shapes'. Since Shapes formation last year the night has been going from strength to strength and with plenty more big bookings and announcements coming up, it seems these guys are just getting started.


Hey Ryan, tell us a little about yourself and shapes and how long the night has been running for?  

Hey guys, So I am just your average 28 year old who has a passion for DJing and events within electronic music really. I attended my first gig back in 2006 at The Arches and went to Ibiza the same year and since then been hooked. I bought a set of CDJ's and never looked back! over the years my musical taste has developed a lot to what I appreciate now, in 2012 I tried my hand at running a night at the Tollbooth in Stirling called 'Control' the night ran for over a year, some nights were really good but some not so great, but for me it was a great learning curve! So last year in October is when I started Shapes, I was involved within a few nights in Stirling since doing Control but Shapes for me was a now proper chance to put what I've learned in to action and create something special.

It is great to see nights like Shapes and Jelly Roll Soul doing nights in Stirling, feel like the city has been dying for a scene like this for some time, has the night been received as well as you hoped?

Yeah, I am totally loving the fact there is a scene growing in Stirling. Now being involved with it all I do sense there is a good group of people that run or do events now which is only going to build and build. The first couple of nights I done were really good we got some good numbers in and I think as a whole each night musically has been very decent. However I would say one of the best and greatest things I've been involved with was hosting Glasgow's techno duo Slam through to dj in February. For everyone else the night was based on 6 hours however for me it was nearly 3 / 4 months of work which all came down to one night. Looking back I don’t think It could have went any better. Having nearly 800 people in the Fubar on a Friday night going nuts to Slam was just such an amazing feeling. As I said earlier Shapes was all about putting what I've learned over the years and trying to create something special and I think the event in February with Slam was close to that.  

What are your future plans for the nights?

We have a few nights coming up. We have just started our Falkirk residency which runs the last Friday of each month in the terrace room at City. One of my good mates Chris is helping me with that and has taken charge of the Falkirk events. Also have a couple of summer parties at the Fubar in Stirling booked in as well. Which I've got a good bunch of local DJ's coming to play always looking at bringing new DJ's through.

We have also confirmed our booking for October which will be Shapes first birthday which I am MEGA excited about. Can't give too much away but if the Slam event was anything to go by then this will be outrageously good!!  

Favourite Bookings so far? 

All the bookings have been amazing! couldn’t pick a favourite, however I would say the regular guys I get in as residents Chris 'NoFi' Armstrong and Robbie 'Small Robot' McGowan have been great! Think one of the best nights we had was in December, the 3 of us just done a B2B2B for 3 hours, was great banter with amazing tunes!  

You also run a festival in Stirling, can you tell us a bit more about this? 

The Magic Sun Festival, its basically a collaboration between myself and Ryan Coyle who's part of Jelly Roll Soul. I went to him with an idea early last year and between us worked through it and made the plan happen. Last year everything went so perfect the sun was out all day, hoping a bit more of the same for this year! This years event is going to be on Saturday 13th August at Corbiewood Raceway in Stirling. The line up is yet to be announced but tickets are now on sale and can be purchased from Resident Advisor. 

Dream bookings for the future?  

One day I would love to book Seth Troxler he would probably be top of my list booking wise. The likes of Tale of Us and Derrick Carter would be amazing also! However every day there's new DJ's that pop up that would be amazing to book.  

We had our launch night with the Jelly Roll Soul guys at Mediterrania which was fantastic, would be great to collaborate with you guys with future Edison nights and launches, would you be interested in this?  

Yeah of course, we would be interested in sorting something with you guys soon! It's always good having new ideas with people and combining to create something, so let's talk!  

Any shout outs?  

Got a fair few, first up the man with the sound system Neil Connell, always providing the best sound in Stirling, Shout out to Ryan Coyle for helping us bring The Magic Sun Festival to life! Also to Roo my new artist liaison manager and to my Shapes PR team, I don't know where I would be without them!!  

To keep up to date with  future Shapes events and for info on The Magic Sun Festival check out the following links;



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