We always said this blog was to be more than just posts about our brand, or clothing in general for that matter. The plan is to be as varied as possible and cover all manner of things that interest and inspire us.


Chris got chatting to someone who has supported the label for a while now, he goes buy the name of 'Gajiaotzu' and is an avid collector of all things Keshi (cool little rubber figures, for this around in the 90's think Monster in My Pocket/M.U.S.C.L.E. toys) and is well into his streetwear and Hip Hop, so they got on just fine! Enjoy.....


First up, where are you from? 

I'm from Westchester, New York.


When did you get into Japanese culture and figures?

It was around 1990 and I would watch Godzilla with my uncle and it all grew from there. I've always collected toys but the Japan toys came at a later time around 2010. 


Cool, so whats your favourite Anime series and movie?

My favourite series of all time is by far Dragon Ball. As for movies, thats tied between Akira and Ninja Scroll.


You seem to be have captured some nice rarities, what personal Holy Grails have you snapped up?

My recent holy grail cop was two Novo Bon Bon cheap Toy figures, series 2 garbage pail kids from Canada.


And what grails are you trying to grab?

My ultimate holy grail would have to be a vintage Star Wars glasslite vlix figure.


So, what are your favourite Keshi figures right now and what upcoming drops are you looking forward to? 

My favourite Keshi right now has to be The Assassin by DRWGco, also his upcoming work is dope! so watch out for that! I'm really looking forward to The Adventure Island and Rocky Keshi's by Zoomoth, they are looking awesome.


Nice one, who's your favourite sculptors

That one is pretty much a tie between Eric Nilla and Tru-Tek, also huge shout out to Alien Robot Monster!


Ok, onto our domain, whats your favourite item of clothing?

My favorite item of clothing has to be my Supreme x Comme des Garcons box logo hoodie, and my favourite kicks are the MFDOOM SB's.


Good stuff, whats on your playlist right now?

Ah my playlist! I like a lil bit of everything but I LOVE hip hop, which takes the lions share of my playlist, but right now I'm bumping a varied range from The Delfonics and Hector Lavoe to Metallica, Hate Breed to Frank Ocean, Kanye to Big Pun, Black Moon and of course Wu-Tang!


Its been great chatting with you! would you like to give any shoutouts before we head off?

Yeah, check my homies on Instagram @retroworldkorea @ericnilla @little_weirdos7 and of course @edmasta


Check out Gajiaotzu's awesome Instagram for stacks of figures and a crazy range of animated visuals: @lord_gajiaotzu

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