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Pen and Pixel Album Covers

If you were into Hip Hop in the late 1990's you will have surely encountered an album cover designed by Pen & Pixel along your way. These stunning works of jewel encrusted photoshopped art could be seen to glisten on the shelves of HMV and be found shamelessly sparkling all over huge two page advertisements in The Source.

As a young teenager I used to stare at these in wonder, I was so jealous of the lifestyles portrayed on the albums. These dudes were involved in pretty much every situation and scenario you could possibly want to find yourself in;

Walking your pet panther on a huge gold leash?...Check.

Being sent flying into space standing on a giant ghetto blaster?...You got it.

Kicking back with your mate in a diamond crusted encrusted Rolls Royce?...Of course.

Chilling with some bears that are smoking cigars whilst rocking Versace dressing gowns and sunglasses?...Naturally.


So scroll through the gallery above and reminisce on the days when men wore four Rolex's on their wrists and tigers roamed the covers of Rap albums.




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