What We Digging?

Ok so we will lift the curtain on what the two 'brains' behind this 'empire' are up to for a spot of R&R...

When we aint slanging T-Shirts and spamming your news feed with bobble hats and backpacks we occasionally get the chance to sit our arses down and watch a bit of TV and of course we are constantly checking and consuming new music, so heres the highlights of whats been floating our boats of late.

 Ryan From Edison Giving it Some Duck Face   

House of Cards

As always there's to many great shows being produced, finally catching up with this one. It's a political drama which over the last year has felt closer to reality than it should. Considering he's such a bastard I've no idea why I like the lead role character Frank Underwood so much. He's a dark twisted character and I seem to Will him on to get even more corrupt.


Andrew Combs

Seeing as we're on an American theme Andrew Combs new album is on repeat just now. Been a fan since I saw him supporting another Nashvillle artist Caitlin Rose at ABC in Glasgow. Since then he's continued to progress and get better. This new albums a lot darker and grittier but maintains all the beautiful melodies he's known for. Another American stand out over the last year has been Khalid, the whole American Team album is full of classics.


One Last (Fairly Mundane) Thing

Being a bit of a coffee snob got to give a shout out to the coffee shop I've only just discovered. It's called 'All that is Coffee'.

 Chris From Edison Pretending Someone Has Text Him   


Bit gutted I missed this at the cinema but, finally got round to seeing Arrival, wow! blew my mind, unbelievably clever, also pretty emotional ending. Looking forward to seeing what the director does with the Blade Runner Sequel due out later this year.


Kendrick Lamar

Music wise my listening of late has pretty much been taken up with 'DAMN' by Kendrick, I know as soon as he dropped it people were on the 'classic' hype, but its pretty well justified here. Also been revisiting some of the classic Lil' Wayne Mixtapes like Da drought 3 and No Ceilings, some of the best rhymes of all time. 


One Last (Fairly Mundane) Thing

Recently got myself a Nintendo Switch and Zelda Breath of The Wild, which has been swallowing up all manor of productive time in which I should be using on this here brand, damn give me my life back.

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