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Interview with Pete Cannon

One of the best producers around, Pete Cannon has worked with a wide range of artists including Dirty Dike, Action Bronson and Rizzle Kicks. Even scoring a top ten hit with the latter on their song 'Lost Generation'. He has also branched out into scoring music for adverts and numerous other projects including starting his own band.

 Pete Cannon 

Pete Cannon 

Hey Pete, how the devil are you?


At the moment everything is top, ace, splendid, mint, double mint or if you like your descriptions ‘90s and jungle based you could say everything is 'absolutely T for Tremendous!' Currently I'm living in ‘The London’ and running a studio (The Labrador) with Dirty Dike, Jam Baxter, Ronnie Bosh and Jordan Stephens. When I’m not in there, I’m usually to be found at my flat on Green Lanes making bangers on the home set-up while stuffing my face with Turkish food! massive shout going out to HALA! Also I have joined a gym, which is currently working out at about 22 quid a session because I’m a lazy shit with anything other than music and go about once a month. 


What's your favourite 3 non amiga bits of kit in the Labrador?


Ha, see, I don’t just use an Amiga, like, at all. I only got it back up and running again because it’s something different. I get bored easily, I need musical stimulation and new challenges as I make music pretty much everyday. If you do the same thing, I guess you'll get a similar output, consciously I just try to switch it up. Recently I got the S950 maxed out and fixed, that’s pretty cuuuuwww, 8 channels of 12 bit. I was reading a guy on line said he made his hip hop in the 'pure way' and without computers. When asked what he used he said a 950…which is a bloody computer in a different box! that guy was a plum. I’m not about this purist shit of, "ohh Pete Rock used a 950, so I need to" it’s just fun and interesting to employ a varied set up that pushes you in a certain direction for your creativity, not just because someone else did it. Each to their own though...


Another bit of kit is The Sequential Circuits Pro One, Leaf Dog came in recently and made a few beats with it, he loved it! Powerful bass, with a whopin’ dedicated modulation section. BASS IN YOUR TITS, FOR YOUR TITS... TITS!


Finally, we have The Labrador drum kit. It’s great to have a kit to hand that sounds decent, it’s a ‘70s Remo set. We play a lot over the top of breaks, add hi hats or crashes, it just mixes a human element to your drums; anything to get away from the same old formula. Myself, Bosh and Dike started a band actually, its Dike on drums, Bosh on vox and me on keys and B.Vs. We’ve got three tracks down so far. It’s nice to make music like that, essentially using the sequencer as a glorified tape recorder. On top of that, it’s inevitably fun to just bash the piss out of the drums if you have any pent up energy/anger/frustration... a natural release ’n’ that.


Whats on the playlist these days? whats got your head nodding and fringing FLOPPING about?


Ohh man, so much. I usually start the day with all the new music that is coming out. That’s hip hop across the board from Drake, Kendrick, Syd, 6lack to obscure Bandcamp beat tapes, all the boom bap stuff, a lot of Grime, 140 and Trap, it all goes. People don’t just release what they believe to be shit music, it means something to them so I always go in with a keen ear and an open mind. In addition I also need my Jungle fix and there is a fuck tonne of great stuff out there. I’m not much of a jump up fan but, love the deeper darker stuff such as Metalhedz. On top of that there is a lot of new jungle coming out, loving the releases on Hybryd’s label. I guess I always have the classics on too... Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Ian Dury, Prince, music you just can’t fault. Finally, if we’re having a session in the studio there is no doubt that we’ll end up blasting our fav ‘90s bangers. Anything from D-ream to Eternal goes…never forget the Power Of A Woman.


Shouts to Gabrielle. is there Any projects coming up your involved with you would like to chat about?


Dike’s album, some straight shit your pants business! 

An album with Jordan Stephens (Rizzle Kicks) now known as 'Al, the Native', which is pretty much done. Big bangers, big features, bigness all round.

An E.P of Amiga beats with a special feature release.

A new album with Dr Syntax

My album on High Focus (half done)

Some tracks with Ocean Wisdom for his next album

A jungle EP with Hatterman (pretty much done)


I mean there is lots more, it just all needs to come out.


Anyhow, big shout out Edison!

Peace, Pete.

To keep up to date with all Pete is doing check him out out on his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

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