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Interview with Slushcult

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One of our very favourite brands at the moment is Slushcult, with their colourful snack themed products and an emphasis on fun across the brand, its easy to see why these guys are killing it right now. We had quick chat with the man behind it all, the mysterious and enigmatic Slush God.

Hey man hope your well! whats going on with you?

Just hanging out really, which for us means prepping for summer trade shows, doing full time production and fulfilling spring orders, settling into our new office/creative space, creating new products for the rest of the year and trying to stay sane in between haha


One thing I have learned quickly is there is never enough time in the day when you run your own business, it's a great wonderful learning experience everyday.   


the whole snack theme and the colours DEFINITELY bring to mind candy. its a great and fun concept which is so refreshing in amongst all that instagram 'moodiness' thats prevalent in streetwear, how did you come up with it?

The easiest way to explain the concept is it's literally me transformed into clothing. I've always had a bright colorful personality that is larger then life, both metaphorically and physically haha I'm a big dude hence the snack vibes. I'm a little bit of a smart ass and have been in this industry long enough to poke a little fun at it. 


Slushcult is all about fun, bright colors, and graphics that create conversations. When we say it's a cult we mean it, we have a amazing following of the most dedicated customers, that's who we do it for rather then just the money. 


All in all Slushcult is what we want it to be, we don't worry about following trends, we don't worry about what others think about us. It's ours and that's how we run and operate, luckily others have loved what we do as much as we do. 


Any upcoming product releases, or collaborations you would like to chat about?

We just launched our new spring collection which is now available online and at our retailers across the US. Our summer collection will be releasing mid June and will feature and wide variety of tops, bottoms, headwear and accessories. All of this will be premiered at Agenda Trade Show in Long Beach CA with a soft opening online before hand. 

Without spilling all the beans we actually have some really fun collabs planned to release this summer. Repop MFG Collab in May/July, Gold Gods Collab in June, Cloud Nine Griptape and few others we can't mention yet. All of these items are super special to us more info will be available soon. 


Whats on Slush FM? what you guys listening to?

Awww shit this a hard question because I'm kinda all over the place. Obviously Kendrick is killing it right now but my heart is really into 80s alternative so I bounce around a lot haha 


One thing that never changes is my love for music that is different, our pals Air Credits are a perfect example of this. You should def check them out!


Finally, is there any advice you would like to give to other artists and brands?

My biggest piece of advice to anyone with their own business is to just keep doing what you believe in. Find your lane and stick to it no matter how hard it gets and keep it going not only for your customers but for yourself. 

We are are great example of this, what we are doing now is the same thing we were doing since day one. A few years ago we were "weird" because we used bright colors, used different themes that didn't really fit into the industry mainstream. Although we are still far from mainstream what we make is now appreciated by more then we ever thought possible. 


Thanks for hitting us up for this, it's always great to share our story. 

Stay Frozen!

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