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Rebelion Interview

 Rebelion at This Years Intents Festival 

Rebelion at This Years Intents Festival 

Rebelion are a duo of Hardstyle producers formally based in Scotland, but have now relocated to Holland to further their careers. The lads are now playing to huge crowds all around the world, we caught up with Gary from the duo for a quick Q&A as he was working on their second album.

Alright lads hows are things? where you at and what you up to?

Alright mukka! Things are going great actually, currently sitting in a roasting hot studio in holland working on our second album!


The last year or so have seen a meteoric rise for you fellas, Can you break down how you achieved this so quickly?

Well we both went from working 9-5 living in Scotland to creating our own destiny, working the hours we want and living in Holland so basically living our dream. For a whole year we juggled both our dream and realistic jobs, we chose to take the risks to break free from a life of what ifs, spending every day working on music and developing a fan base. We grew really big really fast which gave us the opportunity to do it as a full time job and to move to the country where musically it's all happening for us.


Whats up and coming for Rebelion in the next few months? 

Rebelion is now more of a movement rather than just two guys making music and djing, we really want to create a legacy in music and grow as artists. Our gig schedule right now is full to the brim, with at least one gig a week. We are playing a live set at the biggest Dutch festival Defqon.1 which is on at the end of June every year. Around 80k people attend and really is the mothership of Hardstyle (check out the after movies on YouTube).

This September we play Defqon.1 Australia, which is insane to see we have even grown Rebelion to the other side of the world!


For any of the folks out here reading this who maybe are not familiar with the genre, what other Hardstyle artists would you recommend?

Hardstyle is really a marmite music genre, it doesn't appeal to everyone. In Holland though it's literally the biggest genre. You have a whole spectrum in Hardstyle from soft melodic euphoric artists to hard rough artists, I'd say we fall in to the rougher side of things. For euphoric I would listen to Wildstylez, Rebourne, Atmozfears and in the rough side I would say Rebelion, Warface and Radical Redemption.


What are your key releases released so far for folks to check?

We are already working on our second album so keep an eye on that because we are trying to make it really innovative! in the meantime check out our Soundcloud for our current releases.

 Rebelion at Hardbass 2017

Rebelion at Hardbass 2017

You can keep up to date with all that Rebelion are up to via their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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