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Interview with Partout Équipement


Partout Equipement is a brand based in the North of England, with a strong penchant for vintage mountaineering and outdoors culture. Lee who runs the the label is also behind the hugely popular Instagram profile Gear There Everywhere

We caught up with him for a quick chat about whats up and coming with his various projects.

Hey hows things man?

Things are all good lads, thanks.


Can you tell us quickly a bit about Gear There Everywhere?

GTE just came from a passion of mine, I love jackets, trainers, t-shirts, anything that's a bit different and not high street. It started off as a random Instagram page, just posting jackets I like and it kind of carried on from there.


The concept behind Partout is very cool! love the consistent theme through it all, can you tell us quickly about the background to the brand?

I've always wanted to do something with the following GTE has. It started off just one tee to celebrate the third year anniversary, with a drawing by my good friend Josh Parkin (joshparkyart) of a vintage French mountaineering flask I bought and it kind of spiralled from there, the last few tees that we done have sold out before the week was over.


Whats in store for the future? is there any upcoming projects you would like to talk about?

To be honest, I'm not sure, that's not me being secretive or anything I just don't know. I didn't expect to have released this many tees, we have a few going out to Starcow in Paris which is cool, a bit mad as well to think something of mine is in a shop in Paris! Would love to do more actual climbing gear, shoes, bags and the like, but we will wait and see.


Is there any books, magazines, documentaries or blogs that you would like to share with us that fit in with that have influenced the brand?

A lot of it is based on vintage mountaineering and camping related products. Valley Uprising was hugely inspirational for Partout, I just love the freedom they had in the film! going away with your mates at the weekend, doing a hobby you love and getting pissed around a campfire!

 Still from Valley Uprising (2014)

Still from Valley Uprising (2014)

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