Cross Colours x MeUndies

Me undies .jpg

The comfiest boxers known to man team up the Colourful 1990's label. 

Cross Colours did some of the best adverts of the 90s, bold shoots featuring people as varied as Snoop and Dr. Dre to the legendary Nigo of A Bathing Ape/Billionaires Boys Club fame. Seeing this images to this day are a huge inspiration on ourselves, so we were buzzing when we found out they had teamed up with the overlords of briefs MeUndies.

Not normally one to get excited about such things as boxer's but these things are so damn comfy! Well worth grabbing some, although works out quite pricey shipping to the UK with the import tax added on top. Bloody nice skegs though! you can check their shop below.

Posted by Edison Clothing.