The Pieute Store, 19 Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh.

The Pieute Store, 19 Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh.

Edinburgh based brand PIeute have been doing some of the best stuff around for the last few years, whether its hats, T-Shirt or art. we had a chat with robbie from the brand.


hey, hope you are good! can you give us a little backstory about the brand and where folks can find you?


Hi mate. I started Pieute close to 6 years ago. It was a website to sell my friends art. I had no idea what I was doing and sold next to nothing so decided to make clothes instead. People were keen on that so followed this path and kept going. We have a shop in Edinburgh at 19 Candlemaker Row.


The winter range looks the business! can you chat about what has dropped so far and any upcoming releases?


Thanks boss! I’m finally happy with this range. Quality is really premium and we are selling the clothes for cheaper than those of the same quality. We couldn’t justify upping the price just because of branding. The plan is to work hard and release more collections than ever, at least 8 per year. But keep the numbers low. Sometimes only 25 of an item. To keep everything special.

We used to say T-shirt brand but now we say clothes brand, so that collection had no T-shirts at all. That was to symbolise the crossover in my head because I am a weirdo and have got to do things like that.


YOU'VE worked with some amazing artists, any upcoming projects you would like to mention?


I’ve got a lot of plans for Pieute but best not to say just in case they change as they tend to. But the main aim for Pieute is to continue to grow slowly and steady and keep our brand integrity intact.


Also last year we launched 'Penfold' a brand by Mr Penfold. We will be doing 4 small ranges per year, and some nice artist collaboration stuff too.


are there any other local brands/artists/musicians doing great things you would like to bring to folks attention?


Man there are so many artists and musicians who I want to bring to peoples attention. Shaun Bhatti “Zesh has got the passion. He’s recently done a TV series’s with my bro Garry Fraser called 'Gray Area' which will be airing soon. Gasp and Physiks are two of the most talented rappers I have ever heard. If these guys were from England or America they would be taken seriously on a world wide scale. I am glad they are Scottish and I can relate to them and be inspired by them. I fucking love Scottish Hip Hop. There are loads more but I’ll just mention these guys just now. Also check out new Edinburgh based record label 'Skoop,' loads of talent! 


lastly, are there any books/podcasts/youtube videos, which you would recommend to inspire folks and generally make the world a better place?


I’ve been listening to an audio book called 'Meditations' by Marcus Aurelius. It’s fucking impossible for me to take in because you have to think constantly and process every word but if I sit and listen with no distractions it goes in. It’s pretty much a big book of wisdom. I’m not too clued up on podcasts but I like to watch the Joe Rogan ones on YouTube.

It doesn’t make the world better in fact probably worse but I’m obsessed with cringe compilations on YouTube just now too ha ha.

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