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London DJ Frost is a member of the legendary London Zoo Crew and laced cuts for some of the best on the UK scene, he also has done VIP sets for the likes of Jay Z, Justin Timberlake and Fleetwood Mac. We sat down with him for a quick chat about past projects and what he has planned for 2016.

First up, what are you listening to right now and what tracks are getting the best reaction in your sets?

Right now I'm Dj'ing at a Madonna concert so I don't reckon you want to know what's currently invading my air space!  On the way home I'll be listening to the new Cult mountain 2 EP, that’s been on repeat. I’m still listening to that Knxwledge beat tape from earlier in the year and really feeling that new shades stuff from Alix Perez and Eprom. I’m also loving the Kid Kanevil EP on Par Excellence. Reaction wise, whenever Dabbla and I play out the older London Zoo stuff that always goes down really well.  

It's been around five years since the last London Zoo LP came out; any chance we will be hearing something new in 2016?

Yeah man, there's a new LP coming, but with everyone so busy on other projects it’s been difficult to finish it all off. We’ve probably got three albums worth of tunes scattered about between us…I reckon something should drop this year.

That being said, it's hardly like the crew haven't been around. Projects like problem child and dead players have all been putting out real next level releases. Have you had a sneak peak of any new material from any of these guys?

Yeah everyone is doing really well with other stuff, that's why it's been so long getting the zoo project done! Luckily, I get to hear it all long before a lot of people. Ghost town used my Mac back in March at a show and left all the new dead players instrumentals behind which was nice. I also get to hear what Sumgii's up to when I pop round to his, he is one to watch next year, his new stuff with Onoe Caponoe, Milkavelli, Problemchild and obviously Cult Mountain,  is all sounding super tight! Also Dabbla has got a solo thing dropping which I'm helping him with so watch out for that.

That's big moves on the VIP Nation deal, great stuff, how does playing out q bit of Madlib go down with the Madonna and Fleetwood Mac fans?

To be fair I always slip in a few little gems into those sets, I recently done a set at a Tony Bennett gig and played a few Clutchy Hopkins bits which seemed to go down well!  

What projects, barring the LDZ and related, have you got lined up for the coming year?

This year will hopefully see the release of my full length mixtape. I've been gathering samples for the last 6 months and will feature some of my favourite DJ's on skit duty including Jazz T, and now that I have a semi functional studio again that one should be coming in the summer. Aside from that, I have just done some cuts for Morriarchi who's got a new project dropping on Blah early next year which I'm real happy to be part of. I’ve also just been asked to lace some cuts for a beatmaker called Karnate which should be coming soon. Aside from all of that I'm happy to work with anyone if I'm feeling what they're doing and vice versa.

One final note, after your studio sadly got broken into and scumbags made off with your gear it must've been so touching to see friends and peers put together 'Frost Aid' for you, that was some touch, a bittersweet moment I guess?

Yes! In a big way! It was originally Oliver Sudden's idea to throw a fundraiser then a friend of mine, Pearse, said ‘fuck it lets throw you a party’. Gotta admit I felt a little uncomfortable with the whole thing but it went well. I also have to send out huge love to Foreign beggars, especially Nonames and Pav who really helped with it. But yeah, pretty bowled over with all the love and to have most of my nearest and dearest playing was real nice (love to Sammy b side for making the long trip also). I particularly enjoyed The Problemchild set and Stig smashed it too! My mum even turned up.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. We cant wait to see what 2016 brings, anything else you'd like to add?

Just some shout outs. Mad love to - Slim Jim , Triggah , all my zoo lot , everyone at Par-excellence, Pierre green & all my Swiss lot , Baxter & ghost town , Sammy & Dike , Pete Cannon , The Eventually collective , Illaman , Jay Jay , Pearse , Jazz T , Stig , Tango , Sonny Jim & Kosyne , The Purist , Oliver Sudden , Termite & Morestyles , Dubbledge , George , Alabama & Vas and everyone else that deserves a shout that I forgot ! And of course, big up Edison Clothing!

You can check out all the latest tracks old and new on Soundcloud.



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